Business to Business

Our professional team has over 25 years’ experience in the UK, USA and Europe:

We know how to help our clients reach the key decision makers and buyers who impact on their business. Importantly, because we develop clearly defined PR objectives at the outset, we can also measure our results and demonstrate real value and benefit.

With wide ranging knowledge:

Our team has a broad range of experience and expertise across business to business marketing. We have worked with management, business and marketing consultancies, business services and office suppliers, information technology and many other companies and organisations requiring business to business marketing support.

A high level of publicity skills:

We provide our clients with strategic advice and help orchestrate their message development. We help them create news stories, through leadership and technical articles; advise on product launches and promotions; manage expert briefings and interviews; utilize digital PR and social media; leverage speaking opportunities and awards, develop marketing materials and can handle media training and crisis management.

We invest time in understanding each client:

By fully understanding each clients’ vision, objectives, target audiences and competitor landscape we are better placed to work with them and help build their brand, improve their credibility, generate sales leads and win business.

Finally, we use proven techniques and we can write well:

Drawing on creative, high impact ideas and meaningful content we are able to reach the right audiences, at the right time and with the right messages.